We remind you of our previous press releases on the obligation to enter the collection code for containerized goods. This concerns all full import containers and the organization of their withdrawal from Le Havre container terminals by the road mode.

It is necessary that any freight forwarder operating on the Port Square of Le Havre integrates into the SOGET customer portal (https://client.soget.fr/), via its Administrator S)ONE, a valid and secure email address to allow his organization to receive the TCT, essential for the withdrawal of a container. It is possible to configure an email address per third-party code profession (CXXX, 230XXXX).

Without dialing this 6-digit code associated with the container number concerned, the driver of the mandated carrier will not be able to organize its collection.

This code is generated at the time of calculation of the exit authorization and is transmitted by email to the professional who has the status of Principal and to the Container Terminal by EDI in its computer systems in an encrypted manner.

Securing this code makes it impossible to consult it both by the Terminal and by SOGET's IT services.

Who receives the Token Code for Truckers (TCT)?

It is the Transport Organizer who appoints the carrier in the S) ONE system that will receive the TCT. For this, the transport organizer has previously entered in the SOGET customer portal his TCT reception email address.

How can I forward the TCT code to my carrier?

It is the responsibility of the transport organizer to relay this code to his transport provider, by the means of his choice. It is of course recommended to ensure the most secure transmission possible.

How can I anticipate my transport?

Private secure automatic addressing solutions exist. We invite you to contact your IT service provider or SOGET to develop and integrate this kind of security device within your organization.

How is the TCT code different and more secure?

The Token Code for Truckers is crypto-secured and is recalculated as soon as an event occurs in the generation of the exit request by the Principal, organizer of the exit request. For example, if a change occurs on the carrier named in the carrier identification, the TCT code is recalculated and a new code is assigned and automatically associated with the container

I am a road transport company and I received the code.
Where should I compose it?

Each Container Terminal in Le Havre has its own specificities. In general, you will have to dial or give this code associated with the container number, the aubettes or, as the case may be, the drivers' reception area.

The following Terminals have therefore reviewed their own organization to make this new withdrawal procedure operational and efficient as possible:

  • Atlantic Terminal (CNMP)
  • Terminals Europe – America and Moselle (GMP)
  • Terminal de France (GMP)
  • Terminal Multimodal (LHTE)
  • Terminal TNMSC (TNMSC)

I have a batch of full containers to remove from a terminal. Is it the same code for all containers in the same batch?

No. There is a TCT code associated with each container in the batch. If you have 4 containers to collect you will need to have 4 6-digit codes (1 per container).

Le Havre terminals are already demanding this code ahead of the date of March 1, 2023, announced by UMEP and its Members? Is this normal?

Yes, and UMEP and its Members thank the GMP and TNMSC terminals for testing the effectiveness of this unique security solution

Since May 2022, the port handling company GMP requires drivers to familiarize themselves with the composition of the 6-digit code.

Since January 4, 2023, the port handling company TNMSC also offers to familiarize itself with the TCT code.

The non-composition of the correct TCT code still allows the possibility of withdrawal of full import containers, before March 1, 2023. Until then, it is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with this new tool and test your internal and external procedures.

In your capacity as Principal, transport organiser: It is essential that you already send the TCT code to your transport provider.

In your capacity as a Road Freight Carrier: It is essential to already request the TCT code from your client so that your drivers can communicate or dial them at the aubettes of the terminals that allow this operation (GMP and TNMSC terminals).

About UMEP:

The Maritime and Port Union is the employers' federation of professional organizations and groups of the port territory of Le Havre.
The UMEP is the link between the Members of the Port Community and its institutional partners, At the interprofessional level, the Association aims to serve as a link between the main port activities.
UMEP represents 600 companies and 32,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Its members:

The Company of Brokers Interpreters Ship Drivers
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